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If someone had told me eight years ago that I would be launching my blog, probably I would have thought him a visionary. Yet, eight years later, here I am ready to start this new adventure. When we say that it was a sign of fate…


Last year I enrolled to the MBA “Luxury Communication and Strategies”, a one-year very interesting program about the backstage of the luxury world, and when I had to choose a theme for the final “Business plan”, I finally realised it was time to launch my blog. But before going into the heart of the topic, let’s talk a bit more about me.

My name is Francesca, I’m Italian and fashion has always been part of my life. My mother used to tell me that one of my first words was “pink fuchsia”: not bad for a two year old little girl! Apparently, my attraction for pretty colours as well as for beautiful dresses had appeared very early and, I might add, it has never left me since. When I used to go to my aunt’s, who was a dressmaker, I loved spending my afternoons wearing the models she created from stunning coloured fabrics and matching them to her pairs of shoes. It was only a short step from this attitude to staring at every women shop windows: the small Fashionista inside me was finally born.


Deeply Fashionista, but also fond of literature, dancing, travels and in love with Paris, I arrived in the city of lights eight years ago, after graduating in Foreign Languages and a Master’s degree in Translation. The charm of the Fashion capital has lost no time to be appealing to me and I found myself working in the Retail for Italian luxury brands such as Tod’s, Moncler and Fendi for seven years. My quest of perfection and my desire to deepen my knowledge of the luxury world from the perspective of its origins have led me to the perfect training program for me, the MBA “Luxury Communication and Strategies”.

Here I am now at the end of this experience, ready to face the blog’s challenge. Did I succeed in arousing your curiosity? What is it talking about?


It is a fashion blog. From the Italian luxury brands to the designers who have their factories in Italy, my homeland plays a leading role in my articles. Because the real main character of my blog is the shoe, this “magic accessory” that doesn’t stop every woman from dreaming, I’m the first, and that turns us into modern Cinderellas. And all those “objects of desire” are made in Italy, thanks to the expertise of the craftsmen who work the best leathers and the most beautiful fabrics to turn them into small works of art. This expertise of the famous “Made in Italy” deserves to be highlighted: that’s the reason why, next to the big names, I wanted to uncover the smaller and unknown in France, for their talent needs visibility

But I’m not going to unveil you everything, failing to spoil you the surprise effect. If the windows of the stores are still fascinating you and if you always have the right outfit but you miss the right pair of shoes to match, you’ve got (the) blog, ops sorry, (the) shoes to fill. Welcome to my blog!