Gourmands and fashionistas? Visit the Salon du Chocolat. Among the essentials of this 23rd edition of the famous Parisian exhibition which opened last Saturday, next to the Masterclass of the biggest chefs in the Espace Pastry Show, a special mention deserves the Fashion Show of Chocolate dresses. Around the theme of the great chocolate adventure, the pair chocolatiers-couturiers have gathered to present a collection 2017 mixing creativity and avant-garde. Every day at 5 p.m, the audience may attend the Fashion Show of 15 original dresses that will be worn each time by different surprise guests, specifically the bloggers Alizée English (Dettachée de Presse), Valentine Vanesse (Hello It’s Valentine), Annabelle Baudin (annabellebaudin.net), Gennifer Demey (Miss Aquitaine 2015). The most famous pair chocolatiers-designers: Jean-Paul Hévin & Cameron Kham, Patrice Chapon & Laurence Bossion, Christophe Adam de L’Eclair de Génie et Isadora Delarose, Nicolas Bernardé & Emmanuelle Poignan. For both the eyes and palate, until the 1st of November!

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