Welcome to Italy! The Bon Marche celebrates the beauty of the Peninsula with its exhibition from September the 6th to October the 22th. This year, the most chic Parisian department store has chosen the Italian country as guest of honour. From Fashion to beauty, from design to gastronomy, all the delights of the Boot are gathered under the Dome of the rue de Sèvres. On this occasion, the young sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi has imagined two monumental mesh and steel domes that are suspended under the glazed ceilings of the store. These installations represent the between the past of the Italian Renaissance and modernity.

The story of the ideal Italian family is declined in five worlds: la Mamma, lo Sport, la Moda, la Famiglia and la Gastronomia. At the entrance on rue de Sèvres it’s la Mamma that welcomes us into the world of cuisine, the tableware and the typical Italian restaurant, la trattoria Al Dente La casa with its pasta and irresistible desserts recipes.  The dynamic face of Italy displays itself at the ground floor with the section dedicated to the Sport where technology is mixed with a perfect aesthetics.


By continuing our journey into the Boot, it’s on the first floor that our attention will be focused on the creations of the Italian designers gathered in the ephemeral store Wait and See of Uberta Zambeletti, owner of a concept store in Milan conceived like Ali Baba’s cave. In the middle of a vintage and colourful decoration, you can find a selection of Italian brands unknown in France such as knitwear of Sartoria Vico, a label of knitwear from Milan that use the most desirable wools, pieces of Carlotta Canepa, whose family company located near the Como lake is known as one of the leader in silk weaving. Or the beautiful ceramic jewels of the brand Aonie.


My crush? The leather goods collection of the brand from Florence Les Petits Joueurs, founded by the designer and Fashion icon Maria Sole Cecchi with his brother Andrea, that shows its uniqueness and its freshness thanks to the bags and wallets models with funny graphic print and pop art patterns.

And if you want a memory from Italy, you can choose between the mugs and the wicker baskets stitched with the slogan “La vita è bella”, or the striped tee-shirts with stitched “Ciao bella”. Direction 24 rue de Sèvres, the Dolce Vita is waiting for you.



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