Wearing 3.9 inch heels all day long to take public transports, to go to work, pick up children from school, to go shopping at the supermarket and then to the inauguration’s cocktail of your favourite brand’s new flagship store, this isn’t obvious, at all. Well, I’ve always thought that we women are such heroines! American women, who are very pragmatic, they are perfectly aware of it: they go to work with sneakers and carry in their purse a pair of pumps in order to wear them on once at the office. Unfortunately, it would still be necessary to have a purse large enough and not too full and not be afraid to look ridiculous when we wear a suit or a dress and we have trainers at our feet.

Don’t worry: your “Wonder Women” days are finally over. A woman, who else, has found the solution that is revolutionizing your life.

Her name is Tanya Heath, she’s from Canada and she lives in Paris. But above all, she’s got a brilliant idea: creating shoes with interchangeable heels. How has she got this intuition? Neither like American women, who have always a pair of high heels in their purses, nor like Parisians, always all the way down to their stiletto heels, Tanya Heath, an active woman with three children and not used to Parisian floors, wished to interpret every woman’s dream. Always being elegant and feeling comfortable in the same pair of shoes.

Yes, you did hear right: you can easily stroll in your ballerinas and be perfect for your party with your high heels. How could this happen? It’s easy! Those shoes are convertible. Between the shapes and the colours, you have a large choice: from pumps to sandals, going through leather boots, you can even find bridal shoes, all the models have six different heel height. They start at 4 cm and they end by 9 cm, the maximum height in order to keep an ideal arch without having backache. Comfort is a priority to the Canadian designer as well as functionality: hence the easiness of being able to change the heel in the blink of an eye thanks to a clip registered system, while keeping the same pair of shoes.

However, as the aim was to create beautiful and elegant models, we can reassure you, the lacquered, metallized or sequined stilettos, are obviously present in all this range. It took three years of research to develop this concept and produce shoes that are really nice, functional and that fit you well. That’s why the designer, who was new in design, decided to rely on a production 100 % French (factories are located in Angers) with selected leathers of French and Italian origins.


Where can you find those “magic objects”? Tanya Heath thought about everything: for women like me who love shoes and traditional shopping, you have a store in Paris, in the 6th arrondissement. For women who are more “geek” or who don’t live in France, you obviously have the e-shop on the website of the brand. And for the “globetrotters” who always live with their suitcase, you can find the models with interchangeable heels in the Kerry Center, one of the newest shopping malls of Shanghai, in the multi-brand shop Maison S, or Maison of French Excellence. Yes, the “trend” launched by the Canadian designer isn’t about to stop.

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